The Fun of Fan Fiction


Lately, I’ve been indulging in the addictive vice of fan fiction. But I like to take things a step further by inserting my friends into these little short stories. I’ve been particularly enthralled with some fan fiction in the Star Wars universe, making every character some Star War-ish version of one of my real life pals.

Needless to say, it’s pretty low pressure, and all fun, which is what writing’s supposed to be in the first place. Also, my friends get a kick out of seeing themselves in print as they wield lightsabers or fly X-wings through perilous dangers and whatnot. The side benefit is that this type of writing every once in a while helps recharge my creative batteries for larger writing endeavors.

So how are you trying to unwind and let loose with the start of the New Year? Have you seen The Force Awakens? What do you think?


eReader Habits


Do you still prefer a hardcover or paperback book versus an eReader? Perhaps you enjoy the smell of bookstores and libraries? Or maybe you love the lightweight freedom of a tablet that contains an entire library at your digital fingertips?


I have an unflinching fondness for hardcover/paperback books, but my wife and I both use our eReaders frequently now as well. I’ve struck a balance by always selecting older books from the library, whereas I tend to purchase new releases exclusively on my eReader. I’ve found in particular, that the majority of books I buy for my eReader are novels written by you…my fellow bloggers and online friends.


What are your eReader habits? Are you more likely to buy an eBook if it’s written by someone you’ve befriended online? How do you decide whether to get a book either from a library, a bookstore, or via an eReader medium?